Mediation is a better way to sort out financial issues or arrangements for children

Mediation helps sort out issues arising from a separation, including financial matters and arrangements for children.

We are currently part of the Ministry of Justice voucher scheme. This means £500 may be available towards the cost of any mediation dealing with children, or children and finances. This is not means tested, it is available to everyone. 

To start with you meet one of our mediators so we can find out about your situation and you can find out about how mediation works. If you want to go ahead, we contact your former partner.

We offer face to face meetings at our office, or webcam mediation.

Mediation is a voluntary process – no one is forced to mediate.  Before the process starts, our mediators will speak with you and your former partner separately, to assess whether mediation is suitable.

Mediation can help couples to communicate and understand each other’s views.   Our highly experienced mediators (who are also solicitors) recognise that people may feel vulnerable and frustrated when they start the mediation process.  Providing encouragement and guidance, we have a high success rate of helping couples to agree arrangements for their children, and financial and housing matters.

Mediation enables couples to feel in control over their decision making.  It is a legally recognised process and many couples and families are referred to bbl family mediation by local judges, solicitors, counsellors and other professional bodies.  All discussions at mediation are confidential, and at the end of the process, if we have reached a set of proposals, the mediator will put this in writing and send this to your lawyers.

Patricia Brodie, Peter Baughan and Beverley Long are highly regarded Resolution mediators with decades of experience between them.  They are family solicitors who understand the law as well as being trained in mediation skills.  Throughout the mediation process you can consult your solicitor at any time to take legal advice on the best arrangement for you.

You can print out and post (or email) our mediation referral form, or refer yourself online using the blue box below.

For an overview of how mediation works have a look at our video