A case of head meets heart

When you find a family law firm that uses its head while still listening to its heart, you know you’re in safe hands. One of the few family law firms in the UK to provide a complete range of family legal services, bbl family law in Norwich can shine a light in the dark, making complex legal scenarios easier to understand, and showing you the right path forward.

Whatever you are going through, we go the extra mile

Separation, divorce, and the financial implications can all be life changing. But with the right legal advice and help, each can be worked through quickly, cost-effectively, and painlessly.

Meet the team

We like people. We enjoy meeting and talking to clients old and new and we’re happy to apply our vast range of skills and life experience to deliver outstanding results with positivity, friendliness, and respect.

Meet the team
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The mediation specialists

Mediation can be a simpler, cheaper, more rewarding process than the legal route. Among the UK’s leading mediation specialists, we are proud of our success rate in helping people reach amicable agreements concerning children, finances, and property. Many of the couples and families we work with are referred to us by judges, solicitors, or counsellors. So, if you haven’t considered mediation but would like to find out more, please get in touch.

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“I couldn’t be more grateful for bbl family law’s professional, yet personable approach throughout the entire process. Your experience, wisdom, and understanding helped make a difficult period of my life a little easier to manage.”

A fixed fee puts you in control

We understand your concern about how much this might cost. It’s one of the main reasons why people don’t always seek professional legal advice, and not doing so often turns out to be their single biggest regret. For an initial fixed-fee consultation of a straight £180, we can review your situation and discuss the options available. Moving forward, we always provide a written estimate of your future costs. Meaning you always stay in control of your spending.

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