Legal Fees

Our legal fees explained - we are open and up front about our fees

We recognise that clients are often anxious about fees, so we aim to provide clear, simple and accurate information about your likely costs.

Our policy is to provide a written estimate at the outset.  We will usually review this every time we send a bill (typically monthly). Our hourly rate is £250 plus vat for the directors and £235 or £185 plus vat for our solicitors, which is significantly cheaper than many other Norwich firms.

We may be able to agree fixed fees in advance.  Please telephone if you would like to discuss this.

Our hourly rate for mediation work is £140 plus vat.

Legal Aid is no longer be available for the majority of family law disputes.  It may be available for cases involving domestic abuse or for cases involving the local authority.

Initial Fixed Fee Interview

We offer an initial interview for a fixed fee of £180 (this includes the vat, so the fee is actually £150 plus vat = £180). These interviews usually last for about an hour, and allow us to find out about your situation, before giving an overview of the law, and the options available to you for resolving matters.

Fixed Fee Scheme

The problem with hourly rates is that they can lead to uncertainty about the overall costs.  To provide you with more certainty about your legal costs, we have developed a scheme of Fixed Fees for some cases.

Rough guide to fees

The typical fees for a straightforward divorce (if you are the petitioner, i.e you start the proceedings) are £600 plus vat and court fees of £593 a total of £1,313

The typical fees for a straightforward divorce (if you are the respondent) are £200 plus vat, which totals £240.  Please note these are the fees for the divorce process itself;  this does not include dealing with other issues (such as arrangements for the children, or financial matters).  These figures are estimates only.

Costs Controlled – Pay As You Go

We are pleased to offer clients a new way of working with us. “Costs, Controlled” is a Pay As You Go legal service. It’s intended to help you keep our fees to a minimum. You do most of the work – you simply dip in and out of taking advice from us when you need it.

For example, you will write most of the letters, and prepare documents. You come and meet us whenever you need to, so we can check and approve paperwork or give you advice.

At our first meeting we will give you enough information and advice to allow you to start dealing with things yourselves. We are there for you in the background as the case progresses.

How it works

• At the first meeting:

o We provide an outline of the relevant law and issues arising from your case.

o We listen to what you want to achieve, and advise you about the range of outcomes for you.

o We will explain how to start running the case.

o We will suggest other services such as mediation if appropriate.

o We explain how you should deal with the paperwork, preparing necessary forms like the divorce petitions, and how to deal with opposing lawyers and the courts.

o We want you to walk away from the meeting feeling able to start dealing with matters yourself.

• You represent yourself. You will deal directly with the court (letters etc) and with your former partner’s lawyer. If there are court hearings, you can instruct us to attend the hearing, or we can help you to prepare for the hearing and to represent yourself.

• We will mainly deal with you at face to face meetings. Sometimes meetings will be short – 10 minutes or so – and that’s fine – you can dip in and out of advice as you need it.

• We ask you to pay at the end of each meeting.

• “Costs, Controlled” isn’t right for everyone. If we feel you need more hands on advice we will say so, but you remain in control and make the decisions. You can switch to using in the more traditional way at any time.

Free advice

Our solicitors also volunteer at Norfolk Community Law Service, a charity offering free legal advice.