High quality service, competitively priced fees

As part of our commitment to our clients, we do our utmost to keep costs low without compromising the quality of our service.

Initial Fixed Fee Interview

We understand how concerns about snowballing legal costs can put people off from seeing a lawyer. It’s why we offer a competitively priced initial interview for a fixed fee of £180 including VAT.

The interview usually lasts for approximately an hour or so and is a discovery session that allows us to find out more about your situation, give you our opinions and an overview of the law, and then detail the options available to you for resolving the issue. Clients tend to leave these meetings feeling much better, because they can see a way forward – some of the uncertainty is lifted.

Legal Fees

We always provide a written estimate before starting work, and we usually review that estimate every time we send a bill which, typically, is monthly. Our hourly rate is £265 plus VAT for the directors, and £235 plus VAT for our solicitors, significantly cheaper than many other law firms.

Depending on what you need, we may be able to agree fixed fees in advance. If you would like to discuss such an arrangement, please get in touch.

Divorce fees

The typical fees for a straightforward divorce are around £600 plus VAT and the court fee, although we encourage people to deal with the divorce process themselves on the gov.uk website, and just use us to handle the more complicated issues.

Please note, these are the fees for the divorce process itself, they do not include dealing with other issues, such as arrangements for children, or financial matters.

Mediation fees

A more cost-effective solution, the initial Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM) that kick-starts the process costs £180, including VAT.

Mediation meetings are usually one hour and thirty minutes in duration. The cost of mediation is £140 per hour plus VAT for each person, which means the total cost for each person of a one hour thirty-minute mediation meeting will be £252 inclusive of VAT.

While there is no fixed number of meetings, we typically find that most mediations only require one or two meetings to reach a mutually successful resolution, although it can be as many as two to four meetings, if there are a wide range of issues to be discussed.

We do not charge for routine letters and/or telephone calls, however if we are required to prepare a summary for your solicitors, we will discuss the fee with you. Usually, this will not exceed one to two hours’ work, approximately £168 to £336 including VAT per person.

Free advice

Our solicitors also volunteer at Norfolk Community Law Service, a charity offering free legal advice.

Legal Aid

Legal Aid is no longer an option for most family law disputes, although it may be available for cases involving domestic abuse, or cases involving the local authority. We do not offer legal aid.

Finally, please don’t let concerns about costs prevent you from seeking the essential legal advice that could save you stress, disappointment and money further down the line. Talk to us today to discuss the most cost-effective ways we can help you.

“Professional, balanced, and very welcome during these difficult proceedings. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to friends and colleagues.”