Our admin team

These are the people who deal with our admin, and support our solicitors and mediators

Karen is one of our mediation administrators. If you mediate with us, you will probably talk to Karen on the phone to set up your appointment, and she will explain the process to you. She is calm and re-assuring and helps make sure things run efficiently!







Sally WebsterSally helps manage us all and makes sure everything in the office ticks over smoothly, and helps produce our paperwork. You may meet her when you visit the office and her friendly manner will make your visit more comfortable.






Emma MooreEmma has worked with Patricia and dealt with mediation administration for almost 20 years. This makes her one of the most knowledgeable and experienced mediation administrators in the country!





Lucy SocratousLucy runs the office and provides support for Patricia and Beverley. She is calm and unflappable and manages to keeps us all under control (most of the time……).