Online mediation by webcam

We usually mediate face to face, but we also carry out webcam mediation. This means we can still mediate in spite of the changes brought about by covid-19.

Webcam mediation allows the three people involved (you, the mediator, and your ex) to be in different places – you can do it from your home. We ideally you have a computer with a webcam or a laptop, or we can mediate over your smart phone or tablet. We tend to use Zoom┬ábecause we find this the simplest way to arrange meetings. We will send you an email, with a link. When the meeting is due to start, you click on the link. The meeting will run in your web browser (Chrome, Edge, Safari etc) so you don’t need to download any software or create an account – just click on the link and follow the instructions. You may be asked if you want to “download the Zoom client” but all this takes is a few clicks, and then the meeting opens automatically in a web page, with minimum hassle. We find this easier than (for example) Skype which requires you to have the programme installed and to create an account.

The golden rules for webcam mediation are:

  1. Please make sure your internet connection is strong enough. You can test this by watching video online, such as YouTube – does it play smoothly, with good audio – if so that will be fine for webcam mediation.
  2. Make sure you are alone, that no one else is in the room and that no one will enter during the mediation.
  3. We all agree not to record the mediation.

As usual, the mediator is a neutral person, here to help you and your ex talk things through in a balanced way, to try and reach an agreement. We tend to deal with either arrangements for children, and/or financial matters and settlements.

If you have any questions please email