Resolution for Family Lawyers

December 1, 2023

This week marked Resolution’s annual awareness week.
During the week Resolution launched their Vision for Family Justice. This is Resolution’s vision for the future of family law and what changes need to be made. So, what changes are Resolution calling for?
1. Recognising the changing face of families
Cohabiting couples are the fastest growing family type but there are still several myths around the rights (or lack of rights) of cohabiting couples. 47% of those surveyed by Resolution were unaware that they lack rights should they split up. Resolution is calling for reform of the current law to ensure that cohabiting couples have certain financial claims, subject to eligibility criteria. They are also calling for a change to the law relating to provision for children of unmarried parents and introducing protection for cohabitees following the death of their partner.
Resolution also feels there should be changes to ensure that all types of family formation should be recognised in law given the different ways in which we are deciding to live our lives.
2. Helping families find solutions
Resolution have recommended that there is more public funding for early legal information and advice. This will enable people to access information and advice early on so they can fully explore their options. They also feel co-parenting programmes should happen earlier.
3. Protecting the vulnerable
More work needs to be carried out to ensure that victims of domestic abuse are supported and protected when involved in family court proceedings. There also needs to be a greater focus on supporting children who may be affected by family law matters.
4. Ensuring the family court meet the needs of families
Resolution wants to ensure that there are no more family court closures and streamlining of certain cases.
5. Making the law fit for purpose
Resolution would like the way that child arrangements are dealt with improved with their being further information and resources about the public children law system.
Reform of the law relating to finances on divorce needs to be considered carefully with the law on cross jurisdictional issues being made clearer and simpler.
For further details, you can find the full vision here
So how can we help at bbl and what are we doing to further Resolutions aims?
1. We have fived trained mediators who can facilitate mediation as an alternative to court proceedings. Our mediators are also family solicitors who also understand the law as well as being trained in mediation skills. Our mediators can help on a variety of issues including helping couples to agree arrangements for their children and financial and housing matters.

2. All our family solicitors are committed to the Resolution Code of Practice. This means we are committed to a constructive approach to family issues, considering the needs of the family of the whole family, and in particular, the best interests of the children.

3. We have a team of six solicitors who can advise on a whole range of family matters from dealing with a divorce or separation to helping you with arrangements for children. We can advise on the options open to you and the different approaches in trying to resolve the issues. We are here to support you through that process.
If you would like any further information about the above please do get in touch by calling 01603 679050 or emailing