Speak now… or forever hold your lens!

The intricacies of family life are often such that if there is to be a wedding sceptic present on the big day, the spy in the camp is likely to be a close family member or friend. I’m not sure many people know the answer to what would happen if indeed a brave sole mustered up the courage in a last-ditch attempt to bring light to illicit shenanigans although I am sure a few have dabbled in trying (if only in the movies). It would certainly be an unexpected turn if the brave old sole were to be none other than the photographer which is the case according to an article in the Huffinton Post.

Think about it. Who better to offer an objective, birds eye view into the dynamics of the big day than none other than the lucky photographer who wins the prize drawer for getting to spend every minute of the big day with the happy couple. It would certainly take a brave photographer to ‘speak now or forever hold [his or her] peace’ but the article suggests that professional photographers from across the US believe that through the fall of confetti it is sometimes possible to predict which couples will end up divorcing even before the night is over and carriages await. Journalist Brittany Wong rounds up 8 observations which may suggest that all may not be as rosy as it seems..

1. The bride or groom is camera shy
Not everyone feels comfortable in front of a lense but a reluctance to be photographed on your big day is a bad sign according to one photographer, it being suggested that the person is not willing to compromise.
2. The couple has more than a 20% rejection rate to invitations
While it’s common for there to be a small dropout rate in the wedding season, an increased number of rejections can seemingly be a sign that the guests already know something that the bridegroom do not.
3. The chemistry feels forced
The lack of a natural connection and sense of unity is a tell-tale sign that all is not seemingly going to be well.
4. There’s infighting in ‘team bride’
When the drink is flowing it is quite common for tempers to flare but this is apparently a ‘very bad sign’ and can lead to weddings being cancelled, even on the big day.
5. There is mistrust about money
Weddings are expensive and according to one photographer, a disgruntled penny-pinching groom can be spotted a mile off.
6. Watch out for the sarcasm
Couples who bicker or make jokes at the other’s expense are at risk. One photographer claims the situation will only get worse from thereon in.
7. Looks are everything
Couples who share nothing but physical attraction will not stay together long according to one photographer.
8. The couple hardly spends any time together at the reception
The bride and groom are pulled in all sorts of directions on their big day but a couple who cannot find time to have a first dance or spend time together will apparently not last long.

The observations may be a bit of light hearted fun but for some, elements may indeed ring true. Sadly, it is not happily ever after for everyone whether it is on the wedding day itself or once the years have gone by. If couples have niggling doubts or there is a concern about motivations it may be sensible to have an open and frank conversation about their concerns before taking the plunge, giving consideration to a pre or post-nuptial agreement to provide certainty in the event of marital breakdown or separation. These are difficult conversations to have but it may be what is needed in order to provide certainty and confidence for the couple starting out in their lives together.

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