The “my breakup” initiative

Beverley Long director and mediator at bbl family law is the founder of the “my breakup” initiative.  Beverley wants to ensure people going through a family or relationship breakdown invest their time money and emotions wisely by being supported by the right professionals.  My breakup initiative is a group of like-minded professionals working together to support you through the challenges of your relationship or marriage breakup.

Breaking up can be overwhelming and confusing.  With the right therapeutic, legal, financial and practical support and guidance you can embrace the future and look forward with optimism.  We are all committed to working collectively to put the wellbeing of you and your children first.  To find out more about how it works please see the attached brochure. 

Also please contact Beverley Long direct on 01603 679056 for further information.  You do not necessarily have to employ each and every one of the professionals in the group but it is comforting to know that you only have to explain your story to one professional and they will be pleased to work with each other directly to share your information provided and give you advice and support you need.  This is a truly valuable service.