The Divorce Process

We are specialist divorce solicitors offering a range of options to deal with divorce and separation

If handled carefully, the divorce procedure should be the most straightforward part of your separation; resolving arrangements for children, or reaching a financial settlement, can sometimes be more difficult. We listen, to help find out the best way to help you.

We encourage and advise clients to deal with the divorce process in the fairest and most cost effective, stress free way possible.  Our role at bbl family law is to explain the procedure to you and to advise on the options available.  No fault divorce was introduced in 2021

Most divorces these days are dealt with online via the website.

The new law means either spouse can start the divorce process, or you can make a joint application together. It doesn’t make any difference, but a joint application can feel fairer and works well if you are still on good terms.

As a general rule, if handled carefully, the question of who divorces who will not have any knock on effect on the financial settlement or arrangements for the children.

You cannot defend divorce proceedings, but they can be stopped if there are procedural irregularities.

Once the court has checked the paperwork is in order, the court will fix a date for the conditional divorce order, the first stage of the divorce.  This will be at least 20 weeks later. You remain married until the court pronounces the final order, 6 weeks later. From start to finish the divorce process can take 6 months.