Ten Top Tips for Parents

Our top ten tips and advice for parents during a divorce process
  1. Conflict is the major cause of unhappiness and poor outcomes for children
  2. Children need reassurance that their parents still love them
  3. Children need reassurance that what has happened is not their fault
  4. Children and young people need information about what is happening in their family – in ways they can understand – and without a blow by blow account or whose fault it is
  5. Children don’t want to take sides – don’t make them
  6. Children benefit from keeping contact with both parents – and their wider family
  7. Children will tell each parent what they want to hear – opposing views are not uncommon
  8. Children can cope with short-term disruption in their lives – as long as parents continue to support them
  9. Children cope best when they can go easily between their two homes
  10. Children need their parents to make decisions

Most of all – look after yourself so you can look after your children

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