Step by step guide to mediation

What happens at mediation?

Please remember that mediation is a flexible process that can be tailored to suit your individual needs. The steps below represent a typical case, to show you how the process tends to work, but every case is different.

  1. We receive a referral. Either you can contact us directly, or your solicitor contacts us. You can fill out our referral form (and send it to us by post or email), or just give us a call and we can take your details over the phone.
  2. Our administrators will contact you by phone to discuss how to start the process. Normally, the mediator will have separate meetings with you and your former partner (or other family members), before a decision is made as to whether mediation isThese meetings are usually face to face.
  3. Once the mediator has spoken with you both, and if mediation is suitable, our administrators will telephone you both to arrange a date and time for our first meeting.
  4. We send you a pack of information before the meeting. If you need to discuss financial matters, we will ask you to bring along you financial paperwork to the first meeting.
  5. Mediation sessions tend to last for an hour and a half. Some couples need one or two meeting, some couples need five or six. Remember, we can work with other family members as well.
  6. We do not allow other people to attend the meetings (apart from the people specifically involved in the mediation).
  7. At the end of the process, if we have reached a set of proposals, the mediator will put these in writing. We always encourage people to take legal advice at this stage, to double check the proposals are appropriate, and to allow the lawyers to make the proposals legally binding.