Other applications following divorce

bbl family law offer practical, effective advice even in complex situations

As we specialise in divorce and financial matters, we have the skills and knowledge to deal with unusual situations. We can deal with many types of court claims including :
1. Temporary maintenance (known as “maintenance pending suit”). The court can order payment of maintenance on a short term basis, until the final settlement is in place. In some cases this can include an element to cover payment of your legal fees.

2. An injunction to freeze money, or prevent the sale of a house or other assets. This may be necessary if one person might try to hide some of the family’s wealth. The terms of the injunction can cover assets both in this country and overseas

3. An order for specific discovery. The court has wide powers to obtain financial information from people who are reluctant to co-operate. This includes obtaining information from third parties such as banks.

4. An order joining other people to the proceedings. For example, if your parents lent you money to buy your home, it may be necessary for them to become involved to help the court decide what should happen to the loan. Alternatively if the family business is a company, it can be joined to the proceedings, as could the trustees of a settlement.

5. It may be necessary to apply for an order appointing an expert to provide valuation evidence, such as a surveyor to value a house or an accountant to value a business.

6. Enforcement of financial orders made overseas. Increasingly we see families with an international element – perhaps they may have lived overseas or one person works overseas. Alternatively it may be possible to register an English order abroad, so it can be enforced in a different country (for example the country where your spouse works).

7. A legal services order. The court can order your former partner to provide funds to pay for legal fees, to ensure the process is fair and you both have access to legal advice.