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Cohabitation awareness week

As family lawyers we regularly work with couples whose relationships have, sadly, broken down. Increasingly these couples are cohabiting - living together but unmarried. They are the fastest growing family type, with recent figures showing there are... Read more

Do I need divorce advice?

Well we have a vested interest, so we think the answer is yes, but let’s take a look at the reasons why (and why not). Like it or not divorce has wide reaching legal implications for your children, and your finances. If you and your ex can... Read more

New divorce petition and online divorce

On 17 July we were notified that a new style of divorce petition is being introduced and should be used from 7 August. This is as usual a very short notice period for a fairly major change! Luckily there is a transitional period and old style... Read more

How to choose a divorce lawyer

How can you be sure that you are choosing the right person to give you advice when you separate?  You might be going through tough times, and to make it worse, you have to deal with the unfamiliar world of lawyers and courts and dispute... Read more

Businesses on divorce

How do the courts deal with family businesses on divorce?  At bbl, we deal with many couples who have their own business, either companies or partnerships or sole traders.  There can be issues about: Valuing the business (or the relevant share... Read more