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Keeping it in the family; post-nups

Samuel Johnson described second marriages as “a triumph of hope over experience”.  We all know that divorce can be painful and expensive.  Almost one in two marriages fail, which means divorce affects us all.  In recent years London has... Read more

Beverley’s French adventure

Beverley is cycling 500 miles in 3 days through the Auvergne in France, to help raise money for The Tommy Hollis Children's Charity. Here are some photos of her progress so far! Rather her than me! And apparently the flat fenland countryside in... Read more

Maintenance orders – where are we now?

If you divorce, the court can make maintenance orders (technically called spousal periodical payments). This is separate from and in addition to child maintenance. Child maintenance is money paid by one parent to another, to help fund the costs... Read more

What are the grounds for divorce?

The grounds for divorce have been the same for 50 years, and the world has moved on but the law hasn’t. This means people are often forced to say things in divorce papers that create more arguments. Here at bbl we try and make this as simple as... Read more

Does mediation work?

People often worry about mediation and that’s understandable – most people haven’t done it before and they are worried or cautious about whether it can work. Mediation isn’t right for everyone, but remember there’s no magic, perfect way... Read more

Whose blame is it anyway…

Last month saw the case of Owens -v- Owens come to the Supreme Court, and with it the growing call for divorce reform and the introduction of a no fault option. In the case of case of Mr and Mrs Owens, Mrs Owens applied for a divorce on the basis... Read more

Grand (or not so grand) parents

MPs are calling for reform to the current law to provide grandparents with a right to see their grandchildren in the event that their parents separate.  Currently, there is no automatic right for grandparents to see their grandchildren; they are... Read more

Join our team – full time receptionist

We are looking for a full time receptionist to work in our family law practice in the centre of Norwich. You will have excellent organisational skills and be a good communicator who is able to work on their own initiative whilst working within a... Read more