Living Together Agreements

We can prepare Cohabitation Agreements to help protect you if your relationship ends

Also know as cohabitation agreements, these govern the financial affairs of couples who live together without marrying or registering a civil partnership.

For most couples, the main consideration is usually ownership of the house.  Often one partner will move into a house already owned by the other partner.  What happens if they start contributing to the mortgage, or bills, or pay for improvements to the house?  These situations can create a great deal of uncertainty, and can lead to complex and expensive litigation.  A cohabitation agreement can set exactly “who owns what” to prevent or limit these risks.

This is an area of law that is currently being examined by the Law Commission, and Resolution has called for a change in the law to give unmarried couples the right to make wider financial claims against each other.  This is why it is important to take legal advice.