Domestic Abuse

If you are affected by domestic violence or abuse, we will provide practical advice to make things better

Domestic abuse can take many forms. This includes physical violence, threats, and any form of control.  At bbl family law we can help you obtain protection from violence or harassment.  We recognise this may be the first step on a difficult path, and we can refer you to other agencies for support if necessary.

The different orders the court can make include:

1.    Non-molestation orders.  These are court orders which forbid certain types of behaviour (typically the use of violence and/or harassment).  Breach of an order is a criminal offence.  Only certain categories of people can apply.  Most often this means people who are, or were, in a relationship, but many other people can obtain protection from this act as well.

2.    Occupation orders.  These regulate occupation of the family home.  The court has a wide range of powers, and can order the violent party to leave the house and keep away from the area around the property.  The court can also make orders dealing with payment of the mortgage, bills etc.

3.    In appropriate cases the court can make orders which have immediate effect, without notifying the other person beforehand.  This means the orders will be in place when the other party finds out about the application.

4.    Protection from Harassment Act.  This allows the courts to make orders preventing harassment or stalking.  Unlike the first two orders, there is no need for the people involved to be “associated persons”.  Another difference is that this Act gives the court  the power to order payment of damages.

There are many other ways of dealing with abuse which don’t involve the courts, and we at bbl family law can support you through the process.