Same sex relationships

At bbl family law, we have the knowledge,experience and skills to deal with same sex relationship breakdown

The Civil Partnership Act gave same sex couples the right to formally register their relationship.  A civil partnership is very similar to a marriage – it gives rise to the same legal rights in terms of tax law, employment law and inheritances.

As of 2015 same sex couples can also marry. People in existing civil partnerships can convert to marriage, or retain their civil partnership status. So same sex couples may be married, or in a civil partnership, or simply live together.

If the relationship ends, we can help deal with the legal aspects, and as mediators we can help you agree what should happen. Please see our pages on children and financial matters which deal with the fallout from a divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership. The laws for civil partnerships and marriage are largely identical (and also identical to heterosexual marriage, although there may be different considerations. This is why it is important to take expert advice).

The procedure for ending a civil partnership is different. Married couples divorce, as set out in our divorce section. What happens when a civil partnership fails?  There is a similar process to divorce, known as dissolution, and almost identical financial claims can be made.

We at bbl have the knowledge and insight to guide you through the process.