Children and separation

We take a child centred approach

We all know that divorce and relationship breakdown is hard for children.  bbl family law is a child-centred family law firm and we are able to offer the support and advice that parents require to put the needs of their children first. We are also experienced solicitors who specialise in family law, and we are experts at dealing with Children Act cases.

The breakdown of a family has a lasting effect and children can feel confused and bewildered.  They need the support of their parents, and the adults around them, to provide the stability and security they need.

One option is to prepare a parenting plan You can do this yourselves, or we can help you (either as your lawyer, or at mediation).

Deciding how best to look after any children should be one of the overriding priorities for any couple going their separate ways. This involves minimising the impact upon the children’s daily lives where possible, ensuring they are provided and making sure they continue to benefit from being with both parents wherever possible.

bbl family law offers a range of options to help parents decide on the best arrangements for their children.  Parents can discuss arrangements together with one of our mediators.  Alternatively our experienced lawyers can advise and assist you within the collaborative law process.  In the event of a dispute it may be necessary to apply to court or to enforce court orders.

Whatever the process you choose, our experienced family lawyers are able to offer you the best possible advice and guidance. The law is there to protect children and the rights of children are considered first and foremost.