Does mediation work?

People often worry about mediation and that’s understandable – most people haven’t done it before and they are worried or cautious about whether it can work. Mediation isn’t right for everyone, but remember there’s no magic, perfect way... Read more

Grand (or not so grand) parents

MPs are calling for reform to the current law to provide grandparents with a right to see their grandchildren in the event that their parents separate.  Currently, there is no automatic right for grandparents to see their grandchildren; they are... Read more

Family Mediation Week

Today is the start of Family Mediation Week. Mediation helps divorcing or separating couples resolve disputes (usually arrangements for children, or sorting out financial settlements) without going to court. Here at bbl family law in Norwich, we are... Read more

Can we mediate for free?

Yes, sometimes free mediation is available. Mediation is a way of sorting out a financial settlement, or arrangements for children, or both.  We work with both married couples and unmarried couples.  You will meet one of our solicitor... Read more

Mediation – is it working?

The organisation National Family Mediation has produced some eye catching data, with the help of a request under the Freedom of Information Act. The background is that in 2014 it became a legal requirement to attend a MIAM (an assessment meeting... Read more

That warm feeling

I have been practising as a Resolution family mediator since 1998, however there is still that warm feeling when the mediation process really does make a difference.    A family recently were on the cusp of litigation about their children.   ... Read more