Maintenance orders – where are we now?

If you divorce, the court can make maintenance orders (technically called spousal periodical payments). This is separate from and in addition to child maintenance. Child maintenance is money paid by one parent to another, to help fund the costs... Read more

How to avoid court

Nobody wants to end up in court. Everyone knows that going to court is expensive, slow and stressful. but sometimes it feels like the only option, if you reach the point where you and your former partner simply cannot agree. There are other options... Read more

Cohabitation awareness week

As family lawyers we regularly work with couples whose relationships have, sadly, broken down. Increasingly these couples are cohabiting - living together but unmarried. They are the fastest growing family type, with recent figures showing there are... Read more

Businesses on divorce

How do the courts deal with family businesses on divorce?  At bbl, we deal with many couples who have their own business, either companies or partnerships or sole traders.  There can be issues about: Valuing the business (or the relevant share... Read more