How long will my marriage last… statistically speaking

The Office of National Statistics has today released statistics for divorce rates in England and Wales for 2016.

In 2016 there were around 12.7 million married (including same sex marriage) or civil partner couple families in England and Wales.  In this year there were 106,959 divorces of opposite sex couples (an increase of 5.8% compared with 2015), and 112 divorces of same sex couples (of which notably 78% were female couples).  Marriages for same sex couples have now been possible in England and Wales since March 2014.

These figures equate to around 8.9 divorces of opposite sex couples per 1000 married men and women over 16.  Although this was a slight increase on the figures for 2015, the divorce rate in 2016 is still over 20% lower than numbers seen in 2003 and 2004.

Although the divorce rate appears to be on the increase, generally speaking over the past 10-15 years, there are still fewer divorces taking place than in previous years.

Historically the percentage of marriages which end in divorce has generally increased for couples who married between the early 70s and the early 90s.  22% of marriages in 1970 had ended by the 15th wedding anniversary, whereas 33% of marriages in 1995 had ended after the same period of time.

For couples marrying since the turn of the new millennium there is some evidence of a decrease in the proportion of marriages ending in divorce.

Statistics published in December 2012 estimated that the percentage of all marriages ending in divorce was at around 42%, and of this number around half would be expected to occur in the first 10 years of marriage.  These figures would not of course include marriages for same sex couples.

In summary, based on trends over the past few years (i.e. the general fall divorce rates) your marriage is still statistically more likely than not to remain intact.  If you are however experiencing difficulties in your marriage, civil partnership, or relationship and would like to speak to someone about your options and we are always happy to talk this through.

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Posted by Matthew